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BlackRock World Gold Fund

Recognizing the high quality of international gold knowledge and global investing pedigree that is available, this week’s profile has turned its focus to the British based BlackRock World Gold Fund (MUTF:BWGAX). Since its inception date of December of 1994, the fund has achieved numerous awards globally for its performance.

Tocqueville Gold Fund

Tocqueville Asset Management (and its founding principals) have been managing private wealth for more than 30 years, and investors of the Tocqueville Gold Fund (MUTF:TGLDX) have benefited from strong returns from the current portfolio manager who has been occupied with the fund’s stewardship since its inception in 1998.

Van Eck International Investors Gold Fund

Having long been considered a leading investment in the gold-related arena, Van Eck Global has a track record of managing gold investment products dating well back into the last century. The United States based firm features the Van Eck International Investors Gold Fund, which has an inception date of February 10, 1956.

Dynamic Precious Metals Fund

Lead portfolio manager at Dynamic Robert Cohen reveals his investment philosophy with Gold Investing News, “I never favour additional volatility. I do not associate stable companies however as always having less volatility. Plenty of producers have earnings misses, production issues that also lead to volatility. Meanwhile, exploration companies have no earnings, and therefore, can in fact, have less volatility.”

Precious Metal Funds: RBC Global Precious Metals Fund

Gold’s role as the ultimate store of value remains evident and, “industry consolidation remains a strong theme in both the resource and gold sector. When this happens, supply actually contracts as the acquiring company prioritizes the best projects in the new combined company."

Yukon Gold Rush 2.0

Renewed interest and enthusiasm for gold exploration and mining opportunities in the Yukon is being realized by new interactive technological infrastructure which engages investors, miners and industry experts.