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Hedge Fund Manager Confirms Bullish Gold Investment Thesis

Traditionally, money managers occupied in more generalized investment mandates often ignore precious metals and dismiss gold. Finding a gold fund that invests in gold is relatively easy, but finding a prominent hedge fund that is heavily predisposed to investing in gold is indeed a more rarified jewel.

Intrusion Related Gold Systems

Intrusion-related gold systems, or IRGS, are an important source of gold. They are a new classification of gold deposits, although they have been recognized for some time, it is only over approximately the last 10 years that the have been formally named, and characterized.

Sprott Gold and Precious Minerals Fund

In February the Sprott Gold and Precious Minerals Fund was awarded the prestigious 1 year award for the precious metals fund category at the Lipper Fund Awards. The fund's previous accolades included the Globefund top Precious Metals Equity Fund in Canada for annualized return since inception in 2006.