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Retail Bank Investing in Junior Gold Analyst

In the wider context of central banks direct gold investment and gold price volatility within the shorter term, a noteworthy observation is the relatively stable investment in gold equity research by the Bank of Nova Scotia earlier this week.

Gold Prices May Peak in 2013

In reviewing the results of a recent survey, Global Head of Metals Analytics, Philip Klapwijk indicates, We are seeing central banks now operating very much on the buy side of the market. The selling we had seen from Europe has dried up and that’s left those buyers of choice really the only active players in the market."

Gold Price Upside Potential

The gold price saw its biggest decline in nearly three years last month as considerable stock market losses resulted in the liquidation of gold positions bringing gold down more than 20 percent from a record high of $1920.30 per troy ounce and provoking a period of intense volatility for gold.

Gold Price Stability from an Institutional Perspective

William Rhind, Head of US Operations for ETF Securities described his perspective on relative gold price movements, “we are going to see a little bit more consolidation and stability around the gold price we saw a big move in the last few days over $100 as its moved up from its low in the $1500s.I think that right now we are looking for a little bit of stability.”

Gold Price More Sensitive to Europe than the United States

Prices for gold have lately been demonstrating greater sensitivity to news flow out of Europe than positive data out of the United States. With the market seeking out bullish news, confirmation of the European debt crisis will continue to be the strong triggers that will take gold prices up.