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Van Eck International Investors Gold Fund

Having long been considered a leading investment in the gold-related arena, Van Eck Global has a track record of managing gold investment products dating well back into the last century. The United States based firm features the Van Eck International Investors Gold Fund, which has an inception date of February 10, 1956.

Oppenheimer Gold and Special Minerals Fund

Relative to the total return of funds within its category, Oppenheimer Gold is top quartile in the US, from the Lipper ranking over 1, 3, and 5 years; and finished in the ultra elite second percentile among Morningstar Specialty-Precious Metal fund over a one year period.

Western Australia Gold Rush

About 60 percent of Australia’s gold resources are located in Western Australia, with the remainder in all other States and the Northern Territory. According to USGS estimates, Australia hosts approximately 11 percent of the world’s economic gold resources and is ranked second after South Africa.

New Guinea, New Gold

According to United States Geological Survey base estimates, Papua New Guinea has approximately 20 percent more extensive gold resources than Canada. Last year, gold production for the nation was only 65 percent of the total extracted in Canada. Projects in the area may be worthwhile for opportunistic bullish investors as demand for gold has recently pushed its price beyond the much vaunted $1300 per ounce threshold.

Australian Gold Companies to Command more ReSPecT

Following the most recent positive resolution of the Australian Resources Super Profits Tax debate from the perspective of gold producing, exploring and mining development corporations; it may be worthwhile for gold investors to explore the “land down under” for stocks that could provide strong relative valuations and interesting opportunities.