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Sprott’s Michael Kosowan Asks: Are You Swayed or Afraid?

Many investors are wondering if the words "gold" and "opportunity" can coexist in the same sentence. Michael Kosowan of Sprott Global Resource Investments answers with a resounding "yes." He believes in the Pareto Principle—80% of the gain is derived from 20% of the stocks—and that contrarians will be rewarded in this "wonderfully miserable market." To find that 20%, Kosowan outlines the criteria he uses when sizing up a junior mining company.

Gold Mining Stocks Lag Climbing Gold Spot Prices

In spite of the steady climb in gold’s spot price since the beginning of 2011, the overall share price of gold mining companies has not followed suit, particularly in the majors. Gold is up about 4.6 percent since January while gold mining stock indexes have shown a drop of as much as 10 percent.

Evaluating Mining Stocks: Discovery Investing

In an exclusive Interview with Gold Investing News, Chris Berry, Founder of House Mountain Partners, talks about his firm’s guide to investment strategy, dubbed ‘Discovery Investing.’ This strategy is especially useful in determining the value and risk of investment in junior miners that lack cash flow and revenues.

Seniors Eyeing Shining Gold Juniors

By Kishori Krishnan Exclusive To Gold Investing News There are two ways to play the gold game. Either keep a watchful eye on the biggies and check out their every move, or latch on to some tried and tested junior gold miners, many of who are set to have their day in the sun. Back [...]

Junior Gold Shows Strength

By Kishori Krishnan Exclusive To Gold Investing News It is a nosebleed, the likes of which one has not witnessed in a while. The only way to stem the flow is to keep your fingers crossed and hope and pray and believe that the US dollar will collapse in value and be replaced as the [...]