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Gold Prices May Peak in 2013

In reviewing the results of a recent survey, Global Head of Metals Analytics, Philip Klapwijk indicates, We are seeing central banks now operating very much on the buy side of the market. The selling we had seen from Europe has dried up and that’s left those buyers of choice really the only active players in the market."

Gold Price Trends

Overall, the gold price is up 11 percent in the last three months, and over the last year the spot price is up by 24 percent. The price of physical gold has outperformed most other major asset classes following the global financial crisis, appreciating by approximately 67 percent while equity markets, are still in negative territory.

Gold’s Lustre Takes A Toss

By Kishori Krishnan Exclusive To Gold Investing News Dump your gold and lick your wounds. Don’t do it in private though. There are lots of folks out there in a similar position. The Fed is bound to raise rates sooner than you think, and gold has peaked. Muted investment demand, coupled with a change in [...]

Economic Recovery Ensures Gold Party

By Kishori Krishnan Exclusive To Gold Investing News Gold mining is down in the dumps, with production decreasing around four to five per cent per year. The days of peak production are way behind us. It is a sad story on the supply side. Even if demand stays the same, there is only one way [...]

Gold Jumps, Reaches Record Highs

By Kishori Krishnan Exclusive to Gold Investing News Bullion’s strength is being tested – this time round it is not just against the U.S. dollar, but also currencies across the board. As volatile currency markets and solid investment demand spur bullion buying, spot gold price ounce rose as high as $902.50, the loftiest price ever [...]

Gold Primes Itself For A Win-Win Situation

By Kishori Krishnan Exclusive to Gold Investing News Investment demand for physical gold remains strong as turmoil in the financial markets and fears over the outlook for the global economy boost the yellow metal’s appeal. Weakness in the banking sector, which saw Bank of America and Citigroup report large fourth quarter losses earlier on Friday, [...]

Gold falls to 10-month low as crude oil slides

MarketWatch reports gold falls for the 7th week as crude oil prices fell which decreased investment demand for gold. It dropped to $780.20 earlier, the lowest since November. All told, the benchmark gold contract has slumped about $50 an ounce in the seven trading sessions since Aug. 28. Mark O’Byrne, Executive Director of Gold & Silver Investments [...]

Aussie gold rush-II

By Dave Brown – For Gold Investing News The US producers price data released on Tuesday registered the highest monthly rate increase in 27 years, indicating that inflation continues to be a concern despite the slowdown in the US economy. Additional negative economic news flow resulted from the US Commerce Department report for July housing, accentuating further weakness, [...]


By Dave Brown – Exclusive to Gold Investing News The US dollar strengthened further on Friday, capping a volatile week for gold investors, as the spot price for the precious metal declined to $786.20 per troy ounce. The catalyst for the recent gain has been the mounting evidence of corroborating data indicating a global economic [...]