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Gold Outlook 2015: Analysts Anticipate a Break from Turmoil

Analysts are calling for the gold price to be weaker at the start of 2015 before gaining momentum after the Fed makes a decision about interest rates. Read on to find out what else market watchers see coming in the year ahead.

India Surprises with Removal of Key Gold Import Restriction

India surprised the gold market on Friday when it removed a fairly stringent restriction on gold imports. The Reserve Bank of India issued a statement announcing the change on Friday afternoon, but did not give a reason for scrapping the import rule. Analysts have cautioned that the news may not give gold prices the boost investors are hoping for.

Indian Government May Curb Gold Imports

The Financial Times reported that the Indian government is considering cracking down on gold imports in an effort to reign in the country's trade deficit.

September Brought Big Jump in India’s Gold Imports

Bloomberg Businessweek reported that in September, Indian gold imports came to about 95 metric tons (MT), up significantly from the 15 to 20 MT brought into the country in the year-ago period.

Indian Gold Demand on the Decline

Reuters reported that the fact that the Indian gold price has dropped one-quarter over the last year has left local buyers uncertain if the yellow metal is a good store of value.