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Gold Mining in Eritrea

Eritrea is part of the Arabian Nubian Shield, a relatively underexplored area that is known to host valuable minerals including gold, copper, zinc and potash. It was the knowledge that the Arabian Nubian Shield, the home of other gold finds, extended through Eritrea that attracted exploration interest to the small country that borders the Red sea, Djibouti and Sudan.

Finding Nuggets Among Junior Gold Explorers

The Financial Post reported on how RBC Capital Markets determines the potential for success among junior gold companies. The market news is quoted as saying: It comes as little surprise that grade of gold deposit is one of the most important differentiators in terms of valuation among gold explorers. After all, higher-grade deposits generally have [...]

Mexico’s Rich Geologic Past Holds the Key to Prolific Gold Deposits

The majority of gold mined in Mexico is as a co-product, first, of silver, and secondly of copper. The bedrock beneath Mexico is laden with an intricate, and valuable network of vein deposits of minerals.