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Sprott Is Bullish on Silver—and Gold—Equities

Sprott Silver Equities Class Co-Manager Maria Smirnova understands the power of leverage. She has seen the big impact even a slight increase in the silver price can have on silver producers. Every cent is multiplied and goes right to the investor's bottom line, giving the equities more upside than possible in a coin. That is why Eric Sprott increased holdings of silver equities in certain Sprott funds. Smirnova discusses five of these companies in this interview with The Gold Report.

How to Stress Test Gold Equities: Joe Mazumdar

Gold prices are down in the short term, but the commodity metal is here to stay, says geologist Joe Mazumdar. In this interview with The Gold Report, the Canaccord Genuity analyst assesses the current situation and compares the performance potential of the majors with the mid caps. He backs up his analysis and predictions with a few solid companies that are positioned to weather the storm.

Gold Prices vs Gold Stocks: Will The Gap Close?

Gold Price: Alternative Economic Confidence Indicator

Gold price has been strong by any standard for a decade, the use of the search term “gold price” with the Google search engine, has been suggested by Edward Ritchie, Senior Investment Analyst at Manulife Asset Management to be a general gauge for confidence in the United States economy.

Gold Equities versus Bullion

Warren Buffett, the world famous investor and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway noted that “Fiscally, we are in uncharted territory. Because of this gigantic deficit, our country’s ‘net debt’ is mushrooming… no one can know the precise level of net debt to GDP at which the United States will lose its reputation for financial integrity.”