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Consolidation in the Gold Space as 5 Companies Merge

There's been much talk of consolidation in the gold space in 2015, but Tuesday's announcement from Oban Mining took things to another level. Oban will merge with four other gold companies to create a new miner with an estimated market cap of $122 million. Sean Roosen and Ned Goodman will be at the helm.

China’s Zijin Mining Spending Big on Copper and Gold

Zijin Mining is the China's most valuable gold producer, and the company looks to be investing more and more in mining projects outside of the country. It's putting up US$412 million for 49.5 percent of Ivanhoe's Kamoa copper project in the DRC and is buying 50 percent of Barrick Gold's Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea for $298 million.

Cowal Mine Sale a Plus for Both Barrick and Evolution Mining

Barrick Gold has announced plans to sell its New South Wales-based Cowal gold mine to Evolution Mining for US$550 million. The deal has been praised by market watchers and appears beneficial for both parties. For Barrick, the sale is positive in part because it fits with its current goals of lowering its debt and reducing its presence in Australia.

Next Frontiers for Over-globalized Mining Industry: Canada and US

Excessive global expansion by North American miners over the past several years has exposed companies to unnecessary risks and large, unexpected losses. In search of more stable political environments, companies are returning home to Ontario and Quebec, while places like Washington state, California and Oregon are attracting new investment for the first time in decades.

Mining Investor Digest: Key Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis for Mining, Part 3

Seven of the world's largest gold miners do not make sufficient revenues to sustain their business models. Here's a breakdown of those numbers and what they mean for investors.

Mining Investor Digest: Key Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis for Mining, Part 2

Here we continue our review of cash flow statements. This series of articles aims to highlight relevant characteristics of accounting for mining in order to help readers with no formal training or background in accounting gain a better understanding of financial reporting in mining and identify key issues in mining operations.