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China Probing Leap in Precious Metals Exports

Bloomberg reported that China has sent investigators to Guangdong to look into a "seven-fold surge" in precious metals exports. The team includes Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of Customs staff.

Russia Boosts Gold Stockpile by Most Since 1998

Bloomberg reported that Russia increased its gold stockpile by 37.2 metric tons (MT) in September. That's the biggest rise since 1998; the stockpile now sits at 1,149.8 MT.

Ecuador Could Hold Promise for Gold Miners

Writing for Sprott's Thoughts, Henry Bonner comments that Steve Todoruk of Sprott Global Resource Investments believes a revival may yet be in store for Ecuador's mining sector.

Gold Rises as US Dollar Drops

Gold rose 0.7 percent to trade at $1,233.75 per ounce today after the dollar dropped. The US Commerce Department reported orders for durable goods fell 1.3 percent last month, according to Reuters.

China’s 2013 Wholesale Gold Demand Came to 2,200 Tonnes

Writing for, Koos Jansen said Tuesday that the China Gold Association has officially confirmed that in 2013 Chinese wholesale gold demand came to 2,200 tonnes. That's "in contrast to what all Western consultancy firms and news outlets have been reporting."