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Indian Government May Curb Gold Imports

The Financial Times reported that the Indian government is considering cracking down on gold imports in an effort to reign in the country's trade deficit.

Iran Plans to Up Gold Production to 3 Tons a Year

RT reported that Iran has opened a new gold processing plant in hopes of doubling its precious metals production. The country will now be able to mine up to 3 tons of gold per year.

Are Activist Investors Scared of the Gold Space?

In a recent article, Peter Koven of the Financial Post posits that while one might expect to see activist investors taking advantage of the poor gold market, in fact they "don’t see any more hope for this sector than anyone else does right now."

Is Gold Market Capitulation Really in the Cards?

Gold Investing News recently published an article that looks at whether the gold market is approaching capitulation. Since then, Michael J. Kosares, founder and president of USAGOLD, has published another take on the topic.