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More Mergers Needed to Improve Gold Space, Fidelity Investments

Bloomberg reported that Joe Wickwire, who manages more than $1.8 billion of assets including the Fidelity Select Gold Portfolio, stated that more mergers in the gold space would help improve the industry overall. He said that combining companies could "help eliminate their respective unprofitable operations," while stronger producers could pick up high-quality assets held by weaker companies.

Indian Gold Demand on the Decline

Reuters reported that the fact that the Indian gold price has dropped one-quarter over the last year has left local buyers uncertain if the yellow metal is a good store of value.

Infographic: Identifying Fake Gold and Silver Products

Visual Capitalist published an infographic on how to test for fake gold and silver, an important consideration given that "in recent years, the production of fake and counterfeit gold and silver bullion products has been on the rise."