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Brent Cook: Know the Difference Between a Legitimate Discovery and One That’s ‘Just Not Going to Work’

At VRIC, Resource Investing News spoke with Brent Cook of Exploration Insights about the gold space and a few companies he thinks could be worth a look. An independent exploration analyst and seasoned geologist, Cook participated in the 2015 exploration forecast panel at the conference and also gave a keynote presentation to a packed hall of attendees.

Eira Thomas of Kaminak Gold: ‘It’s Going to Be a Fast Pace for 2015′

Eira Thomas, CEO, president and director of Kaminak Gold, discusses her company's decision to move directly to the feasibility stage on the heels of a positive preliminary economic assessment for its Coffee project. She also gives some insight into why Kaminak has attracted interest from the likes of Ross Beaty and Zebra Holdings.

Louis James: If You See Fear in the Future, ‘You Have to be Bullish on Gold’

"If you honestly believe that Obama has saved us all, and the economy's going to be great ... Europe is going to get its act together and everything's going to be fine, maybe gold's not for you," said James. "But if you're concerned about these things ... then you have to be bullish on gold."