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Gold and Silver Touch 4 Year Lows As Dollar Moves Higher

Precious metals investors who were looking for a bright spot in the market were disappointed again today. On the back of the US dollar hitting a four year high, gold and silver prices hit their lowest since 2010.

State of Emergency Declared as Protests Erupt in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso's president has declared a state of emergency and dissolved the government in the country in the face of violent protests demanding his resignation. As the country is Africa's fourth-largest gold producer, miners with gold projects in the region are no doubt watching the news unfold.

Comstock Mining: Rich History, Even Brighter Future

Comstock Mining is clearly proud of the rich history surrounding its Nevada properties, but beyond that, the company has worked hard to advance to production in just a few years. Gold Investing News spoke with Comstock's president and CEO, Corrado De Gasperis, about how Comstock got to where it is today, what’s been happening lately and what investors can expect next.