American Bonanza Gold Corp. (TSX:BZA) announced updates from January for their Copperstone gold mine in Arizona.

As quoted in the press release:

Many aspects of the operation saw a continuation of the improving trend that the Copperstone Mine has experienced over the past few months. However, development mining, ore mining and processing were affected in January when a number of mining staff were unexpectedly affected by an outbreak of influenza that was widespread throughout Arizona and the rest of the US.

American Bonanza’s, President & CEO, Brian Kirwin, said:

We are encouraged by recent progress from the processing plant and progress with resolving the tonnage limitations in the mill and continuing improvement with the gold recovery rates. January was a difficult month because of manpower shortages, but these appear to be behind us. We look forward to bringing the Copperstone gold mine up to design throughput in the near future.

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